Jeff Dowder along with Dr. Ron Tarner discussed an attack by Cossack militia on members of the Russian band Pussy Riot in Sochi Wednesday. Dowder even played traditional Russian dance music as an example of how the Cossacks “go into an attack, dancing off their horses and dancing into battle.” Also key in recognizing the Cossack: The fur hat.

Chris Norton and Larry Grover came on to debate the threat of another shoe bomber with Norton talking about footwear most likely to conceal “a ‘splosive. Wash’ out for Oss’ford shoes ‘specially.” Grover, at his mothers urging, asked Chris about the Rusty Pelican where Chris hangs with his friends. And Chris invited Larry to come by his “booth” Friday night to hang. We’ll report on that. Money says Larry’s grabs an STD for his trouble before the sun sees Monday morn’.

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