Phil was under the weather, so we’ve got some “Best Of” on the podcast from March 8th, 2001.

Austin Amarca kicked off the show as the “Ultimate Cowboys Fan.” He thinks that the Cowboys are the greatest team ever and losing Aikman won’t matter. They’ll still be the greatest.

The second hour featured RC Collins. RC thinks that video games and violent movies cause the kids to shoot other kids. “Parents need to take control of us because we are out of control.”

Steve Bosell and Harvey Wireman closed up the show with a ’70s party. They played Twister. Dale Montez pinned Steve down and farted in his face, and he’s since been unable to sleep with his wife.

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  • William  Rittenberg
    William Rittenberg

    Feel better.

  • Ralph Myers
    Ralph Myers

    I need more of Dr. Ron Tarner utilizing baby talk when debating Dr. Jim Sadler. Wish I remembered what date that episode aired.

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