Hour 1:

Margaret Gray reports live from the Grammy’s. Phil plugs “Teachers” and talks about the Sewell/Belhaven campaign video that was sent in from Herb Sewell calls in flattered and explains who the prisoners on Phil’s show are. Phil talks about the My Friends Place / Cirque du Soleil promotion. The PHS presents: The Elliot Vaneer Show. Phil talks about cruises and reads some e-mail.

Hour 2:

Phil plugs the Souvenir Shop, talks about the fire in Malibu, reads some e-mail, and rants about the FCC. RC Collins and Lloyd Bonifide’s roundtable discussion on McDonalds: Is it healthy? Jeff Dowder says Terri Hatcher showed up to the Grammy’s with a see through dress. Steve Bosell calls to talk about welding terms, David Hall chimes in. Phil reads some e-mail, talks more about “Teachers”, and discusses the Superbowl event he participated in.

Hour 3:

Daryl Webber reports from the Grammy’s, he says pregnancy is not attractive on artists.

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