In our first hour we had Doug Dannger, gay man and gay journalist, explaing to Phil and his listeners that Lindsay Lohan, while in trouble constantly, does qualify for special treatment because “as an actor she entertains us and does public service things and charity things and obviously someone thinks she is worth a lot of money because look at the security she had at the courthouse.” When asked who was more valuable to society, a woman that checks out groceries or Lindsay Lohan, Doug said Lohan because what she pays in taxes dwarfs what the check-out lady pays.

Next we had educator Don Micksa defending a Texas school district making Arabic studies mandatory for its students without first consulting the parents.  Parents should be consulted, said Don. But only after a couple of months so that the school can get the program up and running and “rooted.” The parents will eventually storm the classrooms “like in Romper Stomper” turning over garbage cans and knocking down blackboards so the teachers have to be ready.

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    LOL: {Rantz}- "Rick, you're still a douche……" Just like I used to say to my little brother a long time ago!

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    Hey jazzy, as a non-kiss ass, I did find some good chunks of humour in this bit… Mostly from the comments the Guests would make:

    Doug to Phil .. "If it were up to people like you, you'd have Lindsay Lohan licking the bottom of a dumpster"
    Don to Caller and PHil " … what is this? A late night daisy chain?"
    Don to Caller on parents confronting teachers "Do you remember that chimpanzee that went wild in Pennsylvania…? That's what it would be like, just 100's of chimps bearing down on a few teachers…"

    I had those laughs and more last night… I totally see your point Jazzy… Pre newstalk it ain't, pound for pound I get more laughs from the old archived material… But last night wasn't half bad, imo.

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    high phil love ya


  • blouseclowns

    my balls hurt =(

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    yep this is the kind of hendrie that gets callers. When Phil and the characters duke it out. Think Darth Hall or Margaret when she'd come on and tell Phil what a piece of shit he is.


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    yeah, I fail to see the difference between Micksa and Dosier.

    Thanks Phil, great show as always.

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    cheap shot Bill and Jackets138, you got nothing more than weak insults.

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    Lol SHITTLE, you're such a douche.

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    sittle, do you have a life other than posting on this site?

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    I for one, don't read sittles reviews. They are a waste of server space, they are so fucking long and boring.

    Anyway, this has nothing to do with the show, but here is some possible Herb Sewell material Phil! –

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    I read sittle's reviews so your point that no one reads them is invalid.

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    Hey Sittle,
    Say what you want yourself, but don't try to create any solidarity between yourself and the rest of us, verses Bill. Most of us are here because we appreciate Phil and are rooting for him. The time u spend on your critiques, which I hate to break it to you, but nobody reads, is kind of fucked out. BTW Phil is talking about you when he gets pissed off during the video casts.

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    I have just listened to both bits…And even though i enjoyed listening, i did not laugh even one time.

    I love the bits of the old days,(pre 2006) and i have noticed that some of the old bits were funnier than others, however ALL of them were funny to some degree.

    Someone once wrote " Why dont you just give up your BSP and quit listening if you dont find these new bits funny"?

    The reason that i continue with my BSP is because i like listening to the bits that ARE funny.

    So here is my CHALLENGE to the handfull of Phil kiss asses who are always complaining about the folks who are a little critical.

    I CHALLENGE you to listen to both bits here, and tell me where and when these two bits were the least bit funny!

    Again, it was interesting to listen to, but it was NOT funny at any point.

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    I concur with Daniel… it was one of the phunnier hours since (imo) Don Bermans last appearance …

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    Great setup on Dannger bit.. Great conversation between Phil and Doug, they were confrontational and the bait laid is perfect… This is typical setup for a pre newstalk era bit. Some great lines back and forth between Phil and Doug. Doug naturally believes celebrities are above the law.

    The escalation point wasn't bad, Doug is revealed to support Charlie Sheen's domestic abuse against regular women… as long as he's not slapping around stars, Doug is okay with that.

    Good conversation throughout the bit, a little light on material, but between Doug, Phil and the callers, the conversation was entertaining and phunny… and I'm not even a phan of Doug. I liked it.

    Good setup on the Vernon Micksa bit. Don Dozier is perphormed well, why on earth Vernon needs two characters, is beyond me. Phils attempt to paint Don as a racist were a little heavy handed near the start, the phocus on Don's belief to "let the program take root before the parents find out" is really good.

    The callers were a little on the weak side and the material wore thin around the 25 minute mark, luckily Don dropped the line "late night Daisy Chain"… Phils patriot persona does well to charge the conversation at this point.

    The comparison of the "100's of Chimpanzee's descending on teachers" was beautiful.

    2 good bits, some good laughs to be had… Don got a little dull, but it ended on a high note.

    On the Danger scale 2 gay thumbs way up!

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    Lordy that first hour was one of the funniest Phil Hendrie shows I have heard in a while. I haven't heard the second hour yet. I let my subscription expire a few weeks but I'm so glad I'm back because Phil still Rocks and Rolls.

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