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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Curt Queedy, West Virginia State legislator, addresses the latest Trump news and tries to put it in an adult manner so he uses the phrase “going to the bathroom” rather than “urinate.” It’s all very weird.

Later, our BSP Classic Hour features Dr. Jim Sadler offering his advice as a pediatrician and cloth diaper service owner. He claims that the kids who went out in the freezing cold did so because their disposable diapers are too hot. From February 2001.

Episode 814 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    I think Curt Queedy should return on Friday the 13th to double-down on this bullshit Trump story. I love how (@ 24:00) he threw in the idea that one of those hookers “I think…was a guy.” Why stop there Curt? How about minors?

    “Well Phil, the intel I got
    The report that reached me
    Was disturbing.
    Just as sick as can be.
    It said Trump gets his cookies
    His ‘joie de vivre’
    By paying kids
    Sometimes no more than three
    To stand over him and smile

    And pee.

    Now that’s enough to put a man off his Gobble. Oh Yeaaaaaaah.”

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    Kip Massey

    Man, what’s the deal with Curt Queedy? He’s supposed to be this hillbilly state lawmaker from West By God Virginia, but his accent and lingo is more like that of some black hepcat from the ’60’s. Mark Hinshaw’s character has the upper-crust soutern routine down somewhat better.

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    Don MacDonald

    God bless Steve Bosell, my favorite of a slew of great Phil Hendrie characters. Good luck keeping a straight face if you happen to be out in public listening on a pair of earbuds to Steve talking about his latest lawsuit. Smidgen of a boner was when I lost it and drew stares.

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