Hour 1: Art Griego came on the show to talk about the story of two Northwest airlines pilots who overshot the runway in Minneapolis because they were on their laptops. They claim they were doing business but Art thinks they were on Facebook. He says the passengers don’t want to know if something goes wrong in the cockpit. Then an episode of Ironswine.

Hour 2: Chris Norton is coming out with a new calender featuring the 11 mistresses of Tiger Woods. He says Tiger Wood’s commercial appeal isn’t dead because men admire him for his talent and women are attracted to him.

Hour 3: Jeff Dowder comes on to talk about the new game Call of Duty 4. He admires terrorism as a political tool. By playing Call of Duty you can be a terrorist and still stay alive and not get arrested. Jeff thinks that when people watch him play the game, they are terrorized.

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