The show focuses mainly on the St. Louis Rams relocating back to LA in 2016, although General Shaw spends a few minutes being pissed off at Iran. Frazier Foods CEO Robert Green informs Phil and pretty much everyone else that he expects to be front of the line for a luxury box. High school football coach Vernon Dozier discusses having a pro team in town and how it emboldens parents into thinking they know something about the game. Prospective LAPD officer Dave Oliva talks about how loud one can cheer at a game before drawing the attention of security personnel.

Episode 554 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • TwiceRemoved77

    Vernon dreaming about his mother wobbling through the door with her robe undone! AHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Avatar

    Oh god, Vernon slays me with the mommy bit.

  • Avatar
    Adam Ray

    lmao I don’t sit around on my dead can sunday after sunday sucking down the newest microbrew watching every game on directv

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