Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hour 1: The Origin of Words with Dr. Bernard Walker explores the origin of the word “inauguration.” Phil reads email critical of the previous night’s show, and then gets into it with David G. Hall. Phil plays the wrong flashback request, but it’s a good one: Bob Green is upset with people in wheelchairs getting concourse seats at the Lakers game. Earl Pants Car Talk investigates if your parents are too old to be driving. Jeff Dowder calls in to tell Phil that the reason for the swells hitting Los Angeles is due to the rising popularity of cliff diving in Japan. Hal and Viola check in on their way to Laughlin. RC Collins asks Phil about fashion designer Edith Head.

Hour 2: Margaret Gray reports from Washington DC. Margaret was very pro-John Kerry during the presidential campaign in her column, and she claims that she should be allowed to carry a handgun to protect her from being sexually assaulted by Bush supporters.

Hour 3: Dean Wheeler calls in from a couple’s retreat. He wants a bill sent to congress permitting Kerry supporters exempt from taxes, so they have more money for counseling and other doctor visits as the result of health abnormalities stemming from Bush winning the election.

Show log by Kyle Davis.

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