Hour 1: Dr Ron Tarner comes on the program to talk about the parallels between Avatar and the Scott Brown election. He says that because a lot of people went to see Avatar, the election of Scott Brown is a fluke because of it’s progressive message. It’s a pro environment and anti corporation movie.

Hour 2: Jay Santos talks about the fact that the aid for the Haitian people should be sent to the Katrina people instead. Also the people in Haiti should really speak English. Later Phil talks about Charlie Sheen and how men treat women when the woman’s man isn’t around. Then about the telethon for Haiti. Phil says to be careful who you donate to. The money doesn’t always go to help the people. A good place to find out where the good charities are is

Hour 3: Phil talks about various news stories this hour including healthcare, Conan O’Brien leaving the Tonight show, the White House crashers, and other random stuff.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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