Reversed Dave Castorini, despite “sweating buckets” praying for a Palin endorsement of Cruz, is crushed to hear she went for Trump. Jeff Dowdder auditions for the “voice of NFL Films” job and lays down some real memorable stuff (sarcasm). Doug Dannger comes on to give RC Collins reporting tips, but it isn’t long before he’s threatening to kick his ass.

Episode 559 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    “Pluto Ain’t No Planet No More” is one of the greatest tunes ever! No one sings it like Margaret! I’ve listened to that segment multiple times, can’t stop laughing! And can’t keep that tune out of my head! Thanks, Phil!

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    Neil Merrick

    Time to get Cal Tech on the line, there has been talk of a ninth planet. I believe you need to consult the resident expert.

  • Andrew

    I never knew Bowie wrote that song, thanks for that. Also I saw a co-worker slip on ice in front of our building today and he screamed like Steve Bosell “Ahhhhh”!

  • Chris

    Love the Reverend Dave. That’d be funny if he got creepy on RC on account of his castrato voice

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    Great show, focusing on the Eagles.

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