Hour One: Phil talks about how men hate themselves and no men drink real champagne. Phil takes a call from a guy to let him know G. Gordon Liddy was infuriated on his own show about frivolous law suits and began reading all the law suits of Steve Bosell. Apparently fact checking on the G. Gordon Liddy talk show doesn’t exist because he thought Steve Bosell was a real guy. Chris Norton comes in the studio to talk about the fact women treat him like a stud mule because his large male member is very apparent through his pleather pants. Chris takes calls from women. Chris then challenges Phil to whip his out and measure it.

Hour Two: RC Collins phones in to talk about a DDR 2000 solo video game. It means a lot to RC because his Dad always shows his love to him in monetary ways. Nevermind the fact RC hans’t seen his father in 4 years he knows his father loves him. His father provides a strong moral code for him to live by not like his alcoholic whore mother. Flashback to yesterdays show with the angry elderly caller yelling at Steve and Bobbie Dooley while they have sex on the radio.

Hour Three: Dave Oliva is on to warn Chelsea Clinton not to go down the “skank road” the Bush twins have. Flashback to Steve Bosell filing a lawsuit about dogs and cats staring at him while he has sex. Phil then makes more fun of G. Gordon Liddy for being such a huge dumb-ass. Another caller tells Phil radio hosts are biting his material and using it on their show.

Show log by George Koutsourais

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    Funny hearing Chris Norton without using the phone…

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