Phil breaks down the forthcoming “The Science of the Funny” show. Then it’s Dean Wheeler joining the show from a rehearsal at the notorious Clam Bucket. Club owner Jo Jo talks about the night Margaret claims her “road manager” was rolled there.

Episode 424 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Jerry Radle

    The All Star Gaaameeh! Love it!

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    I’m writing this on July 21; just listened to Science of the Funny, and, as a retired Equity actress, found it extremely interesting. I have the utmost respect for comedians; most actors, including myself, would be unable to perform without a script, even though we can improvise around a script. After 30+ years on the stage, and some television work for the BBC when I lived in London, I can say without a doubt, that most actors would be useless at stand-up, improve, or sketch comedy, and would find performing without a script, (especially stand-up) “terrifying.”

  • Bonnie

    I guess the American flag pisses of the American Indians.

    • Jamie Roxx
      Jamie Roxx

      it doesn’t me. I don’t know about anyone else

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