Wednesday, July 17, 2002

HR 1 – Phil told his producer that he is wasted but the show must go on after a particularly booze-y lunch but that doesn’t stop him from loving Chris and Janice or wanting to talk about current events. Manhattan, Vodka Tonic, Tequilas plural and a Long Island Iced Tea.   He took a “quarter tab of Orange Sunshine acid” but you know, he’s fine. Phil takes a call from David G. Hall who is livid that Phil is pretending that he’s stoned. Phil talks about the Bush family’s alcohol issues and other current events and takes a call from a grateful caller. The website now has 20 female listeners.
HR 2 – Phil talks the abduction of 5 year old Samantha Runyon who they have now found dead. Phil talks to former child abductor Dean Wheeler, about his workshop designed to teach children how to keep themselves safe.
HR 3 – Callers sound off on Dean Wheeler and his workshop.  Phil talks to with his guest about John Walker Lindh.


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