Phil and the panel had Bob Green on the program to discuss the “show you the corn” controversy that got him in trouble with a few female shoppers. Currently there is a vegetable that’s made the Filth File, Knob Onions. And Green has run afoul again….

Episode 154 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    In the north eastern united states there
    is a multi billion dollar food chain named WAWA of which the owners name is DICK WOOD. There is a 1990’s documentry in which he states of his competition that “NOBODY MESSES WITH DICK WOOD” The chain is famous for it’s 6 inch quarter pound hot dogs and coffee.

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      I’d like to say that I approve of Dick Wood, I am Dick Wood, and what my quarter pound hot dog lacks in length, it makes up for in heft.

      I am Dick Wood

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