Hour 1:

“Innocent Simpson” Brad Rifkin joins the program to share his theory on the OJ Simpson case. Brad believes that Nicole Brown Simpson killed Ron Goldman & herself and made it look like OJ did it to get back at him.

Hour 2:

Travel agent Colleen Kristen Brewster joins the program, she feels we shouldn’t talk about or travel to France because the Concord crash makes her sad. Phil talks about the 2000 year old toilet. The PHS presents… “Does Bud Dickman Want To Be A Millionai

Hour 3:

“Inbred Cops” Dave Oliva feels that one dead hostage is acceptable in a recent Orlando Florida standoff because southern police officers are inbred… what else could you expect?

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    eight patties no bun

    Another great line from Hour 2
    “Is the Alamo getting ready to be attached? what is this music?”
    – Bud Dickman’s mother

  • Cary

    Best line of Hour 2:

    “I’d like to poll the audience–one at a time.”

    –Bud Dickman

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