Another day and more issues are resolved in the studio. We’re closer than ever to new shows! In the meantime, we’ve got another episode of Comedy Gold on the radio for you.

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  • judgewyld

    Of course when you talk to the general audience you can whine about how much work goes into the month and a half of dead air. Your typical listeners aren’t rocket scientists which I have been. They aren’t analytical international certified project managers like I am. But face it Phil, this is a big fail by Radio people and those freaks who Radio people trust and THINK are technical and audio professionals. No Phil…it isn’t as hard as your clowns make it look by their failures. Oh yes, I am a professional quality Auguste clown too so I know what I’m talking about there. But what do I know about engineering, no wait! I am a three decade electronics engineer for a multi-billion dollar company as well as 23 yrs retired in information management for the uniformed military. Hope you get things working but let’s not blame anyone but you and your cussing ‘station’ in life. All that being said, you are unique and glad you made it this far in life being able to give to us the unmatched legendary talent in radio theater that you have. Just know, it’s limited to that. You have zero ‘commentary’ or ‘opinion radio’ value. You are a simpleton trained monkey for our amusement and in that, you are the best. btw; The pre-show is the most evidential sociopathic narcissistic explanation for your fascination of the subject.

  • timothy markus

    Hear we go again! Who is RIKI? Sounds like trouble.

  • Ricky Graber


  • Ricky Graber


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