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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mouth Siren Cop makes an appearance as does the great veteran of musical theater, close friend of Margaret Grey and retirement home superstar, John Jerryman. But the big moment is when Phil, a few minutes into the show, knocks a cup of coffee over onto his desk and immediately busts the 4th wall.

The BSP Classic Show, all three hours, is from August 2002. Phil & R.C. talk about Phil’s new TV show, Ozzy, Anna and the miner that went to Oz-Fest. Among many guests and bits.

Episode 1194 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    robert sears

    I never could understand how a genius like Phil could be so misguided about politics.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Phil thanked General Jameson at the end of the show and General Shaw then closed the show.

  • Mumblix Grumph
    Mumblix Grumph

    Did he blame Trump for the coffee spill?

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      Haha… I was wondering that, too.

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    Hi Phil and fellow BSPs. Thanks for making us laugh when we need it the most!

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    Does anyone else have a love yet fearful approach to Mr. Hendrie? When he has a meltdown I have a visceral reaction like I’m a young kid walking on pins and needles with the family. I love it, but man, my blood pressure spikes in a weird and thought provoking way. Happy Fourth to all!

    • Troy Reiter
      Troy Reiter

      I think that is a normal reaction, to avoid or step lightly around someone who has the tendencies you describe. At this point I feel bad for Phil he seems consumed with things he has little control over. At his age he should be enjoying life but the image I(we) get is of someone pissed off and consumed by his hatred of the president and perhaps conservatives in general. I hope (if I am right) that Phil can soon find peace and enjoyment and can find a way to cope with things that make him rage.

      • P. Allgood
        P. Allgood

        I cannot speak to how Phil feels about conservatives, but he, like most people in the US disapprove of 45. That’s just a fact, and you should probably just own up to it.
        I can say without a doubt that I dislike conservative policies, but that is me speaking for myself.

        • Avatar

          Could be worse…Hillary could have won….keep that in mind!

          • TwiceRemoved77

            Oh I got it in mind

    • pyrobaculum

      absolutely! i pride myself on being calm and cool, i worry that phil is going to blow a gasket (or more literally have a heart attack…)

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    Happy Independence Day, Phil.

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