Pastor William Rennick rails against the dancing and mugging baby fad in commercials. Doug Dannger reviews the doc “The 50 Scariest Movies You’ve Never Seen” and weighs in on whether or not elves belong in science fiction. And Steve Bosell tries to put the whole “Caitlyn Jenner thing” in perspective while sitting at his pond.

Episode 394 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Ben

    Has Doug still been out of the closet for 3 months? 😉

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    I always love me some “Gay Man, Gay Journ” Doug Dangger. I really like when he gets “super-shorthand” and no one can understand him.

  • Bonnie

    Good luck on your roundtable tomorrow Phil. I’m sure you’ll do great.

  • Rogelio Campos Jr
    Rogelio Campos Jr

    It’s interesting to hear Phil bringing this up himself that maybe he chose the wrong industry (i.e. radio). But it’s obvious that he still really loves that industry. Maybe, it’s like the ex-wife or ex-girlfriend, who someone really still cares about. And it pains someone deeply as they watch them destroy themselves or being exploited. But there is really not much you can do because she doesn’t want anything to do with that person. Phil is immensely talented, which is really an understatement. But I still do not understand why he could not make that jump from radio to something else (i.e. TV or movies). I have theories but I do not want to be another presumptuous blogger who really knows little to nothing. Honestly, it is a shame that Phil could not have reach even more people with his talents and skills.

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