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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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General Shaw gets angry at Phil when Phil dismisses his questions about the band Opeth and Slenderman and the Middle East… Margeret accuses Phil of “licking ass on the whole black race…” which prompts a round of racial and ethnic jokes… Bud gets his ass kicked when he jokes about Phil and Robert (makes “cone gobbing” noises), and then gets pissed when Margaret “blows” the punch line to a joke… Bob Bakian’s incomprehensible traffic reports are defended by David G. Hall who has actually sold commercial time in them (one sponsor is “Back-Of-The-Ass Ford” in Back-Of-The-Ass, CA).

Mavis Leonard came on the show to talk about the perception that Phil’s “IQ was doing a spontaneous drop” when he started doing a stutter-babble. It was all resolved when Mavis said she heard the exact same thing in the Lucky supermarket. “It was a man speaking Chinese.”

Phil also discusses the one-man show coming up tomorrow night and rehearses a bit of it…

Episode 135 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.


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