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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Phil presents “Pulpit” with Dax Derry, another pseudo-philosopher who believes reality, all around us, is being manipulated (including what Hendrie is doing) and needs to be manipulated back.

The BSP Classic Hour is from September 2004. Jay Santos’ brother Carl is a sex offender but also has an amazing train collection. And Jay says that’s the best way to deal with sex offenders. Find common interests with them.

Episode 1433 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Scott

    Phil, I’m a long time listener. I believe this is some of your most brilliant, hilarious, and creative work. Bravo!


    This is the best kind of weird.
    “Striding but smouldering” had me in tears.
    Great job Phil

  • apathy2673

    Holy moley, the caller ‘Alice’ on the Santos show pronounced vacuum, “vacu-um” and not “vacume”. That lady wasn’t even trying to be pretentious. She just casually pronounced vacuum correctly. NOBODY does that. I haven’t even heard Margaret do that.

  • Don MacDonald

    This one blows all kinds of chipmunk!

  • Chris

    My guess is language or you somehow hurt Phil’s feelings ha ha

  • Tensai

    Ahahaha, good callback to Joe Gonad Lemonade!

  • Anthony

    Please let me know when they allow Twice Removed to leave his chamber. I need to seek shelter!!!

  • markedwardcaleb

    Why am I receiving this message in the Chat window?

    “Your account has been banned from participating in this chat session. Please contact site administrator for more information concerning this ban.”

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