Hour 1:

Phil talks about his new house and the film “Freaks.” Phil reveals how to get out of a legal contract with the US.

Hour 2:

“Airline Lawsuit” Roland Schwinn says that his organization “Fat Pride” has been successful in getting airlines to provide bigger, wider seats to its overweight customers.

Hour 3:

Phil talks about Hollywood sweet talker Miranda Grosvenor. The PHS presents… “An Evening with the Quaids.” Phil discusses the use of the word “goddamn” on the show. Gun specialist Brad Rifkin has started an organization that educates children in the pro

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  • Barry

    Did you ever buy and read that lady’s book from hour one? The Hollywood Walk of Fame book? I watched that movie Freaks in 93′ when I worked at blockbuster video. We put it on over the tvs throughout the store.

  • Avatar

    I love Roland! Long live the Regalia!

  • Cary

    Hours 2 and 3 are reversed. The description for hour 2 is really hour 3 in the downloads, and vice versa.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      That’s messed up. We’ll correct it

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