When freight pilot Art Griego met Michael Jackson years ago he didn’t recognize him. The first thing he said to him was “What happened to you?” Then said “Your spaceship is probably leaving now so, bye.” Now Art, realizing Jackson’s estate is in the black, has tried contacting the family to straighten things out. Vernon Dozier is not a fan of Indiana Jones, either the movie or the Disney ride. In fact, the inexact features of the Disney Jungle ride anger him as well and he confronts a Jungle boat driver who calls in. Jeff Dowdder once again complains about not getting any credit for saving a little girl from a nurse shark at the beach one summer while Mother Teresa is now being canonized.

Episode 599 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Darren Webb
    Darren Webb

    This Art Greigo Michael Jackson bit has me in stitches
    Perfect from beginning to end
    So funny!

  • Avatar

    dear Phil, might I recommend for Saturdays Movie,,a 1965 classic,”MotorPsycho” starring Holle Winter,Haji, and Alex Rocco, this was Mr Roccos first film,, he would later go on to be, “Moe Green” in the “Godfather”. this movie has it all,, Toyotas, small underpowered motorcxycles, psycho Vietnam vets, boobs, small cheap radios blaring hipster music, violence, guns, boobs, Russ Meyer as a politically incorrect cop, an ambulance, more boobs and desert scenes,, thanks,,,

  • Leann Ticknor
    Leann Ticknor

    I love the drive-thru voice impression

  • Avatar

    I drive a truck over the road and you keep me laughing the whole way thanks phil

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