Russia and the Ukraine were up for discussion on the show but not before the crew talked about how amazing it was that Margaret’s farts smelled like Old Spice. Larry Grover started to discuss the Ukraine/Crimea situation and then his mother Gloria got on the extension and the whole thing went to hell with Larry explaining, yet again, that he wasn’t circumcised and therefore acquired the nickname “missile dick”…..from his own mother!

Dean Wheeler was going to comment on Malaysia Air but was in the middle of a garden party for departing yoga teacher Bakhtivedanta who had “taken a job as a sea cook and was leaving presently for Calcutta on the next freighter out of San Francisco harbor.”

General Shaw got into a “vat” of cottage cheese and was talking with his mouth full for the entire show.

Episode 80 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    John I agree, too much swearing and not funny, not like archive 2005.

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    Sheila Bridges

    Yeah Fred I don’t know where you work but F this and F that at my workplace would get me The F fired, I don’t think talking that way is talking like an adult more like high school dropouts! Phil’s show was stinks with the way he’s talking now.

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    John Pace

    Fred, I didn’t know adults in real life freely throw around curse words. I don’t do that. When I’m with my buddies, they don’t do it. That would be incredibly annoying to me, not to mention trashy.

    But hey, you do what you wanna do. Enjoy!

  • Fred Dunayer
    Fred Dunayer

    I don’t mind Phil and his characters speaking like adults in real life. I find it refreshing.

  • Avatar
    John Pace

    Careful, Steven… that kind of talk will get your comment deleted.

    Phil, better show so far since you’re not presenting any half-cocked, half-baked, hypocritical opinion on someone utilizing social media in the exact manner for which it was created.

    You are increasing the cursing, which doesn’t help the show at all. It’s a little jarring, actually. Clean that up.

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    Steven Burgess

    Dude, every time you switch to a new format or change times nothing works more than half the time.
    Spend some money on your platform, for Christ’s sake.

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    david bell

    Don’t know if you’ll mention it in this show, I hope our situation doesn’t mirror Soviet Union after withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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