Hour 1:

Lloyd Bonifide calls in from a Fundraiser, he has written a song that he’s very excited about called “I’ve Gotta Boogie” which he is pitching to record labels. Lloyd is upset that his friend Jim Butterworth won’t give the demo to his grandson who works for Geffen Records after he recommended a crematorium to Jim for his wife.

Hour 2:

Robert Robertti joins the program, he says his son uses Methamphetamines as a religious sacrament. Mr.Robertti thinks that if Indians are allowed to use Peyote as a religious sacrament then his son should be allowed to use Methamphetamines because he’s not using it for recreational purposes.

Hour 3:

Phil welcomes board-op Mike Bohan from Miami and reads some e-mails. Phil talks about L.Tammy Duckworth, the democrat running for office who lost her legs in Iraq. Phil plugs some upcoming events and talks about blood sugar and bio-chemical depression.

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    Susan Murphy

    (Hr 3) I have always loved George Sanders, now I love him even more! What a cool cat…”I am leaving because I am bored”-that is a legit reason to commit suicide. And the blood sugar thing is true! Poor George Sanders probably just needed a Kit-Kat.

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