Dave Oliva joined us in the first hour to discuss the abuse of power charges with the LAPD. He thinks they are bogus. It’s just cops blowing off steam, having a few laughs. The LAPD have such a tough job it’s hard to fault them for this.

The second hour featured Rudy Canoza to discuss a recent report that says teens and women are smoking more. Rudy encourages it for teen girls because it will make them look cool and be more popular, which raises self-esteem.

Bobbie Dooley wrapped up the show to discuss the recent documentary that shows Jesus as black. She thinks it couldn’t be timed worse. It’s Easter. Bobbie called an emergency meeting of the Western Estates Homeowners Association to discuss the possible reprecussions. She says that she’s fine with it, but others might have a problem.

  • Erikk

    Hour 1 is in fact Dr. Jim Sadler discussing Suzanne Somers revealing she has breast cancer… Dr. Sadler says his wife died of breast cancer, and laments the fact that she didn’t capitalize by doing Rogaine commercials or writing a book before she died.

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