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Since it’s a double-header today it took a bit more production than normal, so there is no videocast today.

It’s brand new Gene Gebell Country USA and Kenny Slag Principles of Abundance In The 21st Century shows, back to back! Gene talks about the great country stars that have kicked his ass down through the years, and Kenny blathers meaningless stuff about getting rich with accompanying iPhone sound effects.

Then for the BSP classic hour it’s Don Parsley, who is holding a friend’s sister accountable for his debt because she has traitorous views denouncing the war on Iraq. From March 30, 2004.

Episode 609 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    i could honestly listen to a weekly, 3 hour long podcast of gene gebel.

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    Mike Nickas

    Kenny Slag’s character got a serious bump up today! And Gene Gebell getting his ass kicked in various ways will never get old to me!

  • Alan Spies
    Alan Spies

    Kenny Slag’s focus mantra was so funny. I’ll try to include “tennis togs” in everyday, casual conversation . . .

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    When using the latest lame popular accentuation, you have to have the required pause.

    “Approving a measure to increase taxes?” pause pause pause pause

    “Not so much”.

  • Andrew

    Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m a Hendrie-Dork. You can tell I’m a Hendrie-Dork by my Ted’s of Beverly Hills T-shirt and the fact that the ringtones I’ve selected for calls, texts and FaceTime on my iPhone are all directly related to Kenny Slag. When I am in my car and my phone rings I admit to singing along to the ringtone before I take the call: “Kenny Slag! Oh yeah Kenny Slag!”

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    I love the addition of the BSP hour to the show,, a brilliant move. thanks to my fellow BSP member who thought of it… just what are Mr Gebell and Slag selling? we will never know…….

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    Don Parsley is maybe the old character I miss the most. I know his deal doesn’t really work on the panel show, love catching these classics.

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