The program kicked off with Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police telling Phil that his new security officers service offers a new kind a security guard, an individual who can pretend he’s demented  so he scares not only outside intruders but also any of your employees who happen to be stealing office equipment. One of his subcommanders, Randy Gleason, can even do the laugh of a deranged man playing with a hamster. “Phil I think we know from the many horror movies we’ve seen, the guy who is emotional unstable can tear your arms off,” said Officer Santos.

The following hour General Gaylen Shaw guested with Phil to defend talk show host Ed Schultz who called fellow host Laura Ingraham a “talk slut.” While General Shaw, a fellow liberal,  condemned what Ed said he also couldn’t quite bring himself to entirely repudiate it. “How do we know she isn’t a slut,” said Shaw, “even though I don’t like calling her one?”

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  • paddyandpeanut

    @Denver – I assume that's what's happening. (I'm at that point right now in the show)

    re: censorship. yuk, really? then I'm GLAD Phil's not on in my local market (Seattle) and my husband and I can watch the uncensored video via BSP! Actually, my husband downloads and listens to the audio so if censorship was apparent he's going to be PISSED (but he'll know it's not Phil's fault, duh).

  • DannyS

    The people that post here haven't displayed much personality. Characters based on us would be boring.

  • DixieO

    I don't know how to Tweet — I am very old and easily confused — but I have a show idea.

    Phil could use those who post comments here as characters in his bits. A little personalized service for the regulars maybe.

  • offaith

    Jay Santos bit was very funny one of Phils best this year-there was acceleration of the premise as the bit developed. It seems this weeks shows are a notch or two above previous weeks. Not sure if there's been a change in show prep-but somethings different (and better).
    Perhaps it's the use of established characters (Dooley/Rennick/Santos). I hope it continues.

  • slapshot

    is phil on satelite radio boston monday-friday anyone know?

  • slapshot

    please 96.9 boston bring back phil I used to wake up and listen and then listen again on way to work and log on after work this mono tone lame show in his old slot made me go back to steve levellie which doesnt wake me up it is boring old news.

  • DixieO

    Is sittle strange?

  • kingchristopher

    We get to see Elaine on Thursday's videocast…mixin' myself a Ted

  • Denver

    what happened to audio 90 minutes on the video feed during the break? Someones ass handed to them?

  • OwenMCurnutt

    Not at all sir, but a troll trolling a troll just goes no where.

  • sittle

    u mad bro?

  • OwenMCurnutt

    People dont let him know because people think its funny when they listen to the show and here people getting censored, it keeps them curious in the show, which makes TRN more money since they are just a bunch of add revenue whores.

  • mdhh123

    So Phil goes through an entire hour getting dumped whenever he says "slut," and not one person lets him know?

  • OwenMCurnutt

    Actually yes I enjoyed the movie, it sure beat the fuck out of 85% the garbage that has been coming out recently.

    So let me get this straight, because some ones wife gets raped, you cant argue with them? Ever? About anything? Honestly I think the guy was full of shit, much like you. So what if something happened to people in their past, if you wana pull that card then phil couldnt argue about anything to anyone, life is rough, fucking deal with it.

    You are the kind of person who can't sit and listen to a show without critiquing it out the fucking ass, you get off on it, nothing is ok to you, nothing is fine there is always a flaw and by god if you will find it. Sit back and enjoy the show, though I know that you are here for the only reason of trolling Phil and acting like a cunt.

    This isn't /b/, head there and spout your crap. if you feel like your review of his show is so great, send it in to a paper and be prepared to be laughed out of the business.

    (Still trying to figure whats wrong with taking my aunt who is recuperating from surgery to see a movie, but I suppose a gremlin like you has no room for human emotions, must have rotted out that noggin of yours watching TV.)

    Go on back to the WDW Forums little one.

  • sittle

    Here you go Owen!… btw… Did you enjoy Bridesmaids with your auntie?? *jesus*…

    Jays setup had a lot of filler, but some good jokes, imo the retard angle always makes for a laugh or two. The idea of a deranged man standing in a parking structure is wickedly funny.

    Phil argued with a caller whose wife was raped…. professional… It really derailed the bit… Professional broadcasting 101. In the pre 2006 days, Jay would've handled this humourously (ie: dance away from the bullet). Fortunately the material had run it's course at this point. Unlike a 2006 show, there is no more escalation in the story or humour, which really sucks because this could've killed…. The "Code 6" was very "Of Mice & Menish", a nice touch, I think it would've been funny to have other scenarios prepared.

    Jay was performed well, the material had some chuckles, but the material & phone calls ran out at the same moment that Phil went chimp on a caller.

    This Gen Shaw bit is lousy. The editing is very heavy handed…. the word slut is not just dropped, but the 10 to 30 seconds around it… Really? Did Phil not get his list of words he could not say from his overlords at TRN… the lawgivers? Also this material is so dull…

    The patriot line is trotted out after the first commercial break…. you're doing it wrong. Who gives a rats ass about Ed Schultz, perhaps Phil, but obviously NO ONE else does as this lousy bit got zero calls… even fewer laughs.

    Phil got it right, near the end of the second hour "Hey man… I ain't being funny so back off"… indeed.

    Hour 3… still funnier than the rest of the show… sad…

    On the Dannger scale : 7 gay thumbs down, 3 gay thumbs up…

  • Rick

    @Rob yes, I've listened to the live show via KTLK on iheart (because fucking SKYFIRE DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE TO WATCH THE VIDEOCAST) and he is getting dumped left and right…it is insane. I wonder if he knows how much he gets dumped…the Gen Shaw bit was butchered and didn't make sense in the opening 1/4 hour due to the dumping. Phil I hope you know that truth is your bitch, but dumping is trn's bitch.

  • OwenMCurnutt

    Sittle I'm suprised you have enough time to post here, I mean your art looks like its so time consuming. Oh wait, no its not.

    Get a real job you canuck fuck stick, do something for the society you seem to feel is so lost. Or would that require more than the 2 brain cells you have (I'm being generous, I know)

  • sittle

    At the start of the show, the site Phil is complaining about is … It's a program that allows you to record the show… It's just like a VCR, but for radio. Great site, great option.

    Too bad Phil doesn't realize there are all sorts of ways to record your favourite radio show….

    Someone start brewing coffee and get Dolores on teh phone.

  • rush2112

    Hmmm…only problem now is…I see the videocast in not available. Hopefully it will be later 🙂

  • rush2112

    Just downloaded last night's show and it's totally censored as well. Sounds like they got way carried away with the delay button. Having not heard about this story in advance I had no idea what the hell this Schultz clown even said…Thanks TRN! Guess I'll have to watch the video to be able to enjoy the bit.

  • rush2112

    On my way home from work I was listening to the show last night on KTLK on the replay between 2-3 am. They (or someone) was editing out the term "talk slut" during the bit with Gen. Shaw. Very annoying and not at all necessary to do…especially at that hour of the day. Anyone else notice this?

    Rob Shean

  • Rick

    Listened to the last half of the Jay hour, live on iheartradio and the volume level for Phil/Jay/callers were all good, but the callers could definitely NOT hear Phil or Jay. It sounded like Phil could sense this and had Jay yell into the phone and the guy was still talking. Can't wait to watch the behind the scenes for this one. Keep up the good fight Phil! The engineering aspect of your show will be perfect (probably about a week before you retire) BTW, Phil you are pretty scary when you get all PHULKed out…I squirted a little out

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