It’s the Mike Ohoai Hawaiian Time Show. Mike plays romantic melodies from the islands while arguing with co-host Brother Bill over the best way to throw the American imperialist government out of Hawaii so they can quit playing the ukulele at the airport “with crap-eating grins.”

Episode 389 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    And when he comes back, he comes back with the drip.

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    The Lonely Surfer played early in the show, thought it was the end of the podcast. Third time around on this episode.

  • richard seanez
    richard seanez

    Extremely funny. One of THEE funniest shows I’ve ever heard. Keep up the awesome good work Phil.

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    victor maceo

    love the old style news alert

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    Richard Sullivan

    Bravo Phil, yet another modern classic.

    What would the state assembly do?
    But put a nail into our shoe.
    We shall only overcome,
    When we bear forth our bum.


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