Wednesday, May 7, 2003

HR 1 – Phil rages about hockey for 15 minutes.  Justin Timberlake is taking a job away from a well deserving sportscaster.  Phil takes on the pledge of allegiance controversy, Michael Jordan no longer owns the Wizards and Phil rants about sports team names.  Ashton Kutcher smoked up with the Bush girls causing Phil to launch into a political rant.
HR 2 – Phil rants about a former adversary. REPEAT from 5/6: A caller gives Jay Santos the what-for as he discusses how destructive bachelorette parties are. Osama Bin Laden is coming out with a tape.  Single mothers are 42% more likely to marry the father of their sons than they are to marry the father of their daughter, Phil discusses this.
HR 3 – Phil repeats a joke his wife told him.  RC Collins calls in to discuss the article “Do A Guillotine Head Still See Stuff?” Phil goes on a hilarious tirade about the experience of shopping at big-box store. “That K-Mart in Oxnard, what a toilet.” Phil talks about people watching on South Beach.  Mickey Rourke has a limited acting range.

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