Christian Tomba, famous British psychic guested on the show and talked about Sylvia Browne, another big name psychic. She recently butchered up a prediction about Amanda Berry, one of three kidnapped girls found alive this week after a decade as a hostage in a Cleveland home. Tomba mentioned the case of “Picadilly Billy,” one that he carved up by saying an abducted kid would be found “under a wheelbarrow” and in fact they found the child, safe and alive, “in a cement mixer, only minutes away from becoming part of a pool deck”.

Chris Norton is in a bit of a quandary. He understands how dangerous an obsessed woman can be but its also a bit of a status symbol to have a female “so into you she wants to take a straight razor to you.” Duiring the interview, Chris sees a girl named Luanne come into the bar he’s at, a girl that has been following him around. “For the pair on her, yes, I’d risk being slaughtered up.”


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