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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Phil-Only show on the anthem, Midnight Cowboy and yesterday’s terror attack in New York. Also, a big Ted’s of Beverly Hills sweatshirt promotion!

The BSP Classic Hour is from March 2006. Gay Entertainment journalist Doug Dannger says “The DaVinci Code” movie is crap, and it’s only because he’s a gay journalist that he’s not afraid to say it’s utter rot.

Episode 1019 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • mloscherffg

    If you don’t care about his personal life them you are a consumer and not a fan. This is ok as you cannot please everyone. Just listen to what you like and nothing more.

    • mloscherffg

      I never listen to the pre show. His opinions are different to mine and I accept that. He may be a liberal but he is a very talented guy.

  • Avatar

    Phil ROCKS, and geeeezuz for only around a hundred bucks per year? MY god what could be better in entertainment and for that price? I feel like I’m stealing from him…I appreciate his talent and the fact that he has never quit, THANKS PHIL!!

  • Avatar
    Robert Lesperance

    Why all the belly aching? Phil’s been the best thing going for decades and I can’t think of anyone who has fought more to protect the quality and integrity of his product while maintaining respect for his fan base. His knowledge and interest in history and pop culture has always inspired me to become more educated. I met him in Miami on several occasions and at SketchFest and he has always been gracious. I will continue my subscription even if he only does one new show a week. If you don’t care for the product, then simply go away.

    • Avatar

      Same here Robert, I just wish I could meet him!!

  • Avatar
    lars eliason

    I don’t know if a bit of commentary is always deserving of the”unsubscribe” cry from the philcommentsectiondefenceleague. as the consumers the paying costumer are we undeserving of the review of the service we receive? This stated as someone who does enjoy the Phil only. It is frustrating when I see other networks charging less for multiple shows that do not air encores. I think gas digital is 6$ for like 30 shows. I don’t want to unsubscribe I love the Phil hendrie experience but when this thing started in the present format the shows were always over an hour not counting the preshow and lately we get maybe an hour between the two. We get lots of encores.. the content delivery is down we get so much less than we used to but the price is the same.

  • Avatar

    Was about to ask about the T of BH bowling shirt… What else you got from back when? Wasn’t there a duffel bag with a Bradley Military Academy seal? Whatever you have I would buy some. I have a CAP tee and the Milwaukee Lions tee. And oh yeah, the official Phil Hendrie Show shot glass. That one is the most used.

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    I love this pro of audio entertainment! Great show every time !!!

  • Avatar

    Sure it occurs to him. He does not care. So what if we do not renew. If people subscribe just once he will have more than he will ever need. We found that out right.

  • Avatar
    Timothy Schulz

    If you don’t care about his opinions, why listen to the Phil only shows or pre-show?

  • Avatar

    Phil, did it ever occur to you that maybe some of us out here just want entertainment and don’t give two shits about your personal life or your opinions? Maybe I’m the only one?

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