Hour 1:

Father James McQuarters is on to discuss a family in his church who won the 120 million dollar lottery. His belief is that he should give the church it’s fair share. But how fair is it to ask them to give up 500,000 dollars? Tune in to see what the audience thinks of Father McQuarters idea!

Hour 2:

Chris Norton is on to discuss his latest idea : How to please your wife like you still a single man. His theory is if you leave magazines out, detailing your sexual interests that may do the trick. Tune in to this hour to hear what the female listener thinks.

Hour 3:

Phil plays a flashback called Water polo featuring Vernon Dozier from 5/19/05. Lloyd Bonafide calls in to comment on Elliot Ness. He claims he machine gunned Canadians. What do you think?

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