Dr. Jim Sadler starts things off with a lesson about the wind and its many different forms. Yeah… Then Art Griego talks about some interesting robo-calls he’s been receiving lately. And Doug Dannger wraps things up by discussing the Charlie Sheen HIV situation.

Episode 514 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Vance Cerasini

    This was a truly epic episode

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Jim Sadler was funny, not long enough.

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    Loren Keller

    Dr. Jim Sadler says the high winds will flip your lid. I’ve listened to this bit on repeat – it’s about as funny as anything Phil’s ever done. I love how he keeps getting distracted by the soccer moms, “The Big Bang Theory” on TV, the guy splitting his pants, etc. and Phil can’t stop laughing. “Phil sees all. He sees what I see.”

  • Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz

    Ive been terrified many times by the stuttering ghoul wind at my front door!!
    And I love it when Phil cracks himself up!!

  • George Koutsourais
    George Koutsourais

    I love Jim Sadler. What a great interview.

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    Jerry Radle

    Good to hear Art Griego!

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    jeffrey paul


  • John Barr
    John Barr


  • Andrew

    Thank you for the Margaret harmonies over the Lonely Surfer. Still very much waiting for her to add her improvised lyrics to it one of these days. Please Ms. Grey, please do it.

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    ok if learned a new phrase from Phils brilliant improvisational extemporaneous mind,,”Stuttering Ghoul Wind” ..simply ,brilliant.. Herb out

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    “the bunky can whistle the theme to Mayberry RFD, but I cant whistle” Dr Tarner expressing his frustration over his monkey Sally” being able to whistle,, he also cant pronounce “M”

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    Jesus, the Sadler bit had me crying. The dude splitting his pants at the cafe!

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