Hour 1:

Margaret Gray is on because she handcuffed herself to the White House fence in protest. She decides to pee in a cup since she is handcuffed and cannot go anywhere. Austin Amarca joins Phil because he thinks the media has oversold Hurricane Katrina. The funny thing is he wants New Orleans re-flooded. Callers believe Austin has race issues and needs help.

Hour 2:

Hal and Viola join Phil because their grandson got a tattoo of a gargoyle. They then ask “what’s up with the song Jeremy?” Phil plays a listener flashback called John Holmes, Zucchini featuring Steve Bosell from 7-13-02. Jim Sadler calls in mad that his maids quit. They were tired of seeing him in a thong while lifting weights. Hugh calls in and says that the Mormon religion disagrees with Jim.

Hour 3:

Phil discusses the Jackson Whites and who they are. R.C. Collins tells Phil that they outta go up in the mountains and flame throw all the Jackson Whites. Pastor Rennick believes they should bring the Jackson Whites apple sized Mickey Mouse hats. Bobbie Dooley calls in shocked. She was surprised that a man she walked bye did not check her out. Then she says “If you have webbed feet, from New Jersey, your a Jackson White!” A female caller said it best..”Maybe the guy wasn’t into you”

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  • Erikk

    I gotta call BS on hour two, it mentions a Steve Bosell bit that first aired on July 13 2002, which was in fact a Saturday, so the whole bit can’t be found. Someone remedy this dilemma!

  • Avatar

    Thankyou Phil . So glad to hear your voice and health are better !

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