Ray Feneen comes on with his son Todd to talk about the Hostess “Twinkie” story but reveals a much more personal problem…one that he begs Phil not to reveal…

Don Berman tried to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with Phil but wound up getting beat up by “Mr. Martin,” Channel 19’s new owner who expected Don to pay off on a bet he lost after discovering Don bet him on a 47 year old prizefight…

Mavis Leonard gave her “Beeker Brothers” Buttermilk Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing recipe, all the while telling Phil that it’s her recipe but she lets the Beeker Brothers put their name on it. “Other than that I don’t want to even sniff the Beeker Brothers anywhere near me on Thanksgiving or wherever I see them, that’s where I’ll leave them.”

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    It may be funny if Margret went to the toilet and the seat was left down when But was the last one in there and the seat is wet.


    What's that Jewish Holiday? You Wanna Lickem?


    I speak Spanish….watch this…"La la la la…La la..La la"


    Phil, your sportscasts are brilliant. The way you rattle off stuff like "…he's the second stringer out of Bailey filling in on the wide out slot"…..

    Who can think that quickly when it's all made up? Phil, you are amazing.


    I want a free shot glass because I broke the one one I got at the Luxor….wah!


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    Give someone a free shot glass and BSP, and they'll say anything!

  • coolhippy59

    3 hrs of,.. FUNNY' FUNNY' FUNNY'

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