When a female customer comes into Frazier Foods and asks Bob Green “Where are your meat thermometers” Bob claims he heard “Where’s your meat thermometer” and assumes the womans hitting on him. Bob responds by looking between his legs and making tongue-licking faces at his produce guys. The woman accuses Bob of sexual harrassment and the fun begins…..

With Vernon Dozier and his brother Charlie “Ding Ding” Dozier.

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    tom griffith

    I can show you where the celery is & ladies if you want I can dance for us too!

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    Wow! a good show, What a plesant surprise.

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    Awesome bit…another Bob Green gem. Comes close to the 2005 bit where Bob was selling thawed frozen turkeys as fresh, because everyone knows that they WERE fresh when they were frozen!

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    Best Bob Green bit since the one back in '05 or '06 where he hung the giant picture of himself in the ladies room with the eyes that followed them and the cheeks blushed when they pulled down their panties.

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    Instant Classic!!! Bob Green is the greatest, he is the greatest!!! What a fantastic show, thanks Phil!!

    Sweedish Meatballs… LOL

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