Hour 1: It’s Crime night with Dr. Michael Stone from Investigation Discovery. Phil starts out the hour talking about the disparaging image of Michelle Obama showing up on Google Images, then he has some commentary on the Internet in general. Dr Stone comes on the show to talk about Major Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter.

Hour 2: Pastor William Rennick is on to discuss Adam Lambert’s sexual performance on the American Music Awards. Pastor Rennick thinks that parents should have been supervising their children so they wouldn’t have seen it. He says Adam Lambert did a Christian thing, he know that children would be watching.

Hour 3: Dr. Ron Tarner is on the show to talk about the Climate emails that came out. They say that Global Warming is a hoax. Dr. Tarner’s email was hacked and Phil read that on the air. Dr. Tarner wasn’t too happy about that. “I’m a volcano surrounded by ants”.

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