Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Show log by Paul Dintino

Hour 1:
Things start out with Margaret Gray saying that many people are cooking Thanksgiving meals wrong. She needs to go around and teach women how to cook a bird right without canned cranberry. The bit is a little funnier than yesterday’s – so Phil thinks. He contemplates a sex change.

Hour 2: Vernon Dozier comes on the show to say he’s upset that Bush is having his Thanksgiving dinner flown in on Air Force One. Bobbie comes on to talk about her upcoming Thanksgiving Marathon on the Phil Hendrie Show…She argues about it but Phil tells her he doesn’t care because he made her up.

Hour 3:
Phil starts the hour with news on full face transplants. Chef Carl Chadillia comes on to talk about a great recipe – The Thanksgiving Goose. David G. Hall yells at Phil for not letting Bud in the studio. Bud does “things that sound dirty but really aren’t.”

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