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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

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Hour 1:

Pastor William Rennick is hosting a Thanksgiving Triathlon where poor and starving families will compete in a series of events at his church to receive a free Thanksgiving dinner. Herb Sewell is at Joyful Union Church playing bingo and talks about boycotting Aruba.

Hour 2:

Bobbie Dooley says that her son Dylan recently discovered that there was another boy at school that looks exactly like him named Anthony. She's asking the boys parents to change his appearance.

Hour 3:

Phil rants about rain in Los Angeles, the Governor of Alabama, Arabs, the filming of his tv show "Teachers" and reads some news. R.C. Collins and Jeff Dowder call to throw in their two cents. Bob Bakian thinks the Dodgers General Manager job could go to Kim Ng.


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