Hour 1:

Bobbie Dooley is on with Phil tonight. She found pornography in her sons room that was strictly of African American women. Bobbie has it in her head that black women practice voodoo, but do they or are these racial issues that Bobbie has within herself? Tune into this hour to figure out just what Bobbie Dooley thinks!

Hour 2:

Phil has the Chinese Space Agency on tonight. Their countdown to lift off is a gong. R.C. Collins and Harvey Wireman debate whether it is a funny bit or not! Phil discusses the controversy over the White Sox win. Phil plays a listener flashback called “Guns In Household” featuring Lloyd Bonafide. Dr. Jim Sadler is on. He wrote a book called “Hollywood Uncovered.” He thinks Hollywood lies about Vampires. Alf joins Phil and to discuss Jesse Jackson.

Hour 3:

Clara Bingham is on with Phil to discuss religion and schools. Her school endorses all religions, even Wicca. They show animal sacrifices to the kids and believe it is an acceptable religion for kids to learn.

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