Hour 1:

FIRST HALF. Larry Grover says Bush is making fun of impotent people by using phrases like ‘standing firm’. SECOND HALF. Phil discusses the website with show downloads and talks about Middle East news.

Hour 2:

FIRST HALF. Phil talks about post 9-11 news and chats with callers. SECOND HALF. David G Hall wants Phil to sign a contract for his New York trip saying he won’t endanger himself by trying to stop any hijackers.

Hour 3:

FIRST HALF. Phil talks about the post office and Middle East politics. SECOND HALF. Vernon Dozier is not going to let 9-11 ruin an authentic Halloween for his kid, even if he has to bang on people’s back doors. Vernon will go to ANY lengths to make sure his neighbor’s give his son a tremendous Halloween (R Hutchins).

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    Chuck Yeager

    In hour 3 when Vernon says “Do you know what it’s like when you hear your own father having an orgasm and he sounds like a ghost?” I laughed so hard shot beer out of my nose. Thanks Phil!

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