Hour 1:

Larry Grover joins the program, he says women who takes their clothes off for the camera to support their family should not be ashamed. Phil talks about confiscating a dirty videotape from his step-son.

Hour 2:

Bobbie Dooley says her husband Steve can’t perform sexually after seeing Al Gore’s suggestive photo on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine. She’s threatening to foreclose her neighbors home if they don’t remove a Gore campaign sign from their yard. Phil

Hour 3:

Its Not Been A Goodyear for Firestone Jeff Dowder joins the program, he believes he should be allowed to “blast up” in his car before driving so that he won’t be in pain if he gets into an accident.

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  • Barry

    Hour 1. I was probably about 11 when I found a stack of porno mags in the train tracks that used to cross the LA river close to downtown Long Beach. Had them for a minute until Mom found them. Lucky we had a back pack that we carried the bicycle pump in to house them. Lol

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