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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Tonight Larry Grover, running for state assembly in California, talked with Phil about his opponent in the campaign, warner Nolan. Grover freely admitted he "couldn't make the words come out of his motuh right" when it came to the issues, not even knowing what a "bond issue was" or an "assessment." But he felt he could focus attention on Mr. Nolans personal proclivities. The fact that he watched Glee with his kids, listned to Justin Bieber music and enjoyed "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody" made Mr. Nolan a possible pedophile. Not to mention him enjoying the Rocky Horror Picture show with it's "men in women's underwear."

17 year old high school student Justin McCelroy came on the program claiming he's known he is gay since kindergarten and that the bullying has gotten out of hand. Mr. McCelroy wants permission to home school himself and even give himself tests 'rather than go back to that school and be terrorized." The fact he was seen making out with a young lady in the back row at "The Social Network" and that his best friends are the guys he said were bullying him certainly didn't add up to his being gay. But hey, why would would he lie about that other than to take the rest of the school year off, giving himself an occasional test.


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