Famed Vampire hunter AND killer, Dr. Arthur Barn, guest hosts with a dramatic lecture on vampire history, his kills, and a phone call from a vampire currently being hunted. Plus some of the doctor’s former students check in.

Get ready world for The World of Phil Hendrie live and onstage…next stop, the Ontario Improv in Ontario, CA on Oct 29th….tickets on sale now!

Episode 239 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Dan Fairchild
    Dan Fairchild

    I would love to hear another Dr. Arthur Barn episode. One of my favorite characters.

  • Darren Richards
    Darren Richards

    Fantastic writing (or improv?) and performance too … sooo funny !

  • Erikk

    Phil, I listen to the great Dr. Arthur Barn at least once a week. Enthralling monologue and character. Very compelling and entertaining. Thank you so very deeply!

  • Avatar

    Absolute best character yet Phil.Perfect Halloween show. How about a Leprechan on St. Pats …..someone chasing him…..something. Best yet…..I love this library and Dr. Barn…………funny

  • Avatar
    Pete Cirigliano

    Phil, you continue to amaze me!!! Do I detect a bit of Anthony Hopkins? Regardless, brilliant and hilarious. Don’t ever leave the airwaves. You are a genius!!

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      I’m a working man like you, just selling my wares. Thank you for the business lad!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Great show , not as good as Chris Pootay but good.

  • Avatar

    loved it!

  • Avatar
    Keith Hampton

    This is absolutely one of the Most Incredible and Amazingly Brilliant pieces of Work I have ever had the Gift of being Audience to. Pure Riveting Genius!

  • Avatar
    Joe Miller

    Fantastic, that was epic!

  • Avatar
    Scot Eaton

    Phil! One of my favorite characters right from his first appearance. Wow! That was great radio and ended up being funny. I gotta hope Dr. Arthur Barn stays around beyond Halloween.

  • Avatar
    Matthew Ronco

    Such a amazing show! I listened earlier but that wasn’t enough,now I’m watching it. Great job Phil.I gotta start saving so I can attend a live show!

  • Rudolph Morgan
    Rudolph Morgan

    UnFuckin believable!!!

  • Avatar
    Tom Simshaw

    Fantastic and riveting!

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