Jack Armstrong was back in our first hour tonight, this time trying to explain Obamacare and the most recent foul-ups attributed to it. He met with no better success with Margaret and Bud, being hounded off the air when his accent, getting thicker as he got more panicked, caused both to interrogate him as to his country of origin. His claiming he was a native of Chicago wasn’t being bought by anyone. A caller named Dan from Austin, a guy with a big, powerful voice, wanted to weigh in on Obamacare but the moment Phil interrupted him with a question he started whimpering like a baby.

The same thing happened to Bob Green who was answering Phil’s questions about Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. When Phil stopped Bob from changing the subject to dark matter Bob started crying like a 2 year old.

A caller named Glenn from New York told Phil a story about his daughter “Bella” who was being baby sat by his brother. When he called the brother and asked where the child was the brother said she was in “the buggy so don’t bug me.” Glenn claims the family’s last name was Buggee. So “Bella Buggee was in the buggy.” Thats the kind of show it was.

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