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It’s the debut of Lloyd Bonfide, Mouth Siren Cop, who gives safety tips for driving during the holidays even as he has a hard time turning over his bike’s engine. Pastor William Rennick says that the Kentucky court clerk that refused to issue a marriage license to gay people is the wrong person to be the face of the anti-gay marriage movement. She’s a balding, four-eyed dork. Later we have Steve Bosell with a new Farmer dating service to compete with It’s called FarmFresh. It boils women down to the level of a farm product so there’s no mistaking what the deal is. And Jeff Dowder celebrates a new McDonalds all day breakfast menu!

Episode 459 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Very good, enjoyed Lloyd and Steve.

  • Avatar
    Mick Jackson

    I’m no biblical scholar, but I thought it was Noah that had his ass on that little boat. 46:00 minute mark

  • Hesperus

    ‘Hi Ho Silver Away!’ <— ahahahah Lloyd killed it.

  • David

    What was the name of the intro song?

    • Avatar
      kim sarkies

      Robert Miles “children” was the original. Unfortunately, big sean did some remix….

  • Andrew

    Happy birthday a little late. Sween Burgers for the whole crew on me.

  • Darren Webb
    Darren Webb

    This show today. This is one for the ages! Lloyd and Shaw going at it!
    Your timing Phil! How the hell do you do that?!?!
    You’re amazing

  • Avatar

    If there was one instance for Margaret to use the correct French pronunciation, it was with Camp Lejeune, which here in southeastern NC, we know it’s pronounced “LeJURNE.” Yeah, weird ass frogs, I know!!

    • Avatar
      Andrew Voyer

      I was born on that base. I really miss living there.

  • Dean Freakin Wheeler
    Dean Freakin Wheeler

    Just to clarify, as stupid as Kim Davis is (and REALLY stupid, she is), she can’t be fired. She was elected into her position. From my understanding, she can be removed from office and event sent to jail, but no one person has authority to fire her.
    How she got elected, I’ll never know.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Unquestionably correct, lad. I was unfamiliar with the Kentucky thang. I guess I just wish the bitch was ‘t at work, as it were…

  • Jamie Roxx
    Jamie Roxx

    I was having issues with youtube yesterday too. I was thinking it was part of the whole Google locking flash etc thing yesterday. But I don’t know. You are right it sure was slow yesterday.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Aha!! So there was some problemo… Good to know it wasn’t just my mental state

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