Bobbie Dooley went to bat for her son Seth tonight. The President of the Western Estates Parent-Teacher Organization said her 19 year old son was not forcing himself on a 17 year old girl in a parked car one night. That’s just what she told her dad so he could sue the Dooley’s because “he doesn’ look like he’s got much going on.” Besides, says Bobbie, “the girl’s 17 going on 31 and walks bow-legged so do the math.”

Later Dave Oliva, a criminal justice student at LA Canyon College came on to defend the Orlando police officer accused of hip-checking and seriously injuring a World War 2 vet. Dave did battle with callers who believe the police used excessive force but as far as Dave was concerned “all the people that called tonight were either jailbirds or LAPD wash-outs. If a guy parks his car on a sidewalk it’s pretty much guaranteed he needs a beating.”

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    I knew a lot of bow legged women in my day. Mighta helped contribute to it actually.

  • blouseclowns

    can't believe you didn't go for Lloyd. Those WW2 boys, back in my day. They were a lillapushin. I know you already did it, but it'd still work.

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    Phil you are so out in front with the news! I just saw the video of the cop bullying the teen that the Dooley bit was based on – on Fox news – 5 days later! Remember, you hear it first!

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    Nevermind, it's working now. Not sure what was up.

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    Radio?? Don't ever wonder into a classroom and try to teach… you're face to face with a cynical audience, and they see right through you. Take my job and they'll have you ranting as you jump out the (sealed) window. Of course, if I had your job, I'd be teaching a History lesson to the unwashed vulgar masses on-air. But I take rejection well… my neck would be calloused by the hook were I Hollywood boy like you'n.

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    I can't seem to get the videocast to load. Is it working for anyone else?

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