David G. Hall called to remind Phil not to get so “cool” and “laid back” when he talks about so-called “Molly,” the drug MDMA, which is also known as “Ecstasy.” Phil and the crew were talking about the suspension of Denver Bronco Wes Welker for using Ecstasy during the Kentucky Derby. Chris Norton then called in to offer his professional knowledge on the subject.

Phil also called on the expertise of West Virginia state legislators Curt Queedy and Guy Barton in reviewing cool but they never got to it. Guy and Curt wound up talking about Guy’s grandson Tadley, some “lay about,” who stares into space and throws his switchblade at the cats ass…

Episode 199 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Rita Goodman

    You’re amazing!! Thank you!!

  • Alex

    @Rita: Sorry about that! It’s been fixed.

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    Rita Goodman

    The Videocast is from Tuesday Alex!!

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    david bell

    If you’re going to Santa Fe don’t go during the rainy season. A cloudy day in Sante Fe is like a smoggy day in LA. Go when it’s sunny and clear.

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    John Pace

    Yes, Phil is the smartest man on the planet and NEVER says stuff that makes him seem stupid.

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