Tonight, Doug Dannger, a Gay man and a Gay journalist, came on the show to discuss Brittney Spears and a lawsuit that accuses her of having sex in front of her kids, among other things. Doug told Phil that if Ms. Spears wanted to have sex in front of her kids there must be a reasonable explanation for it. One woman called to complain that Doug kept telling people he was gay. She had gay friends and they didn’t have to say anything. Doug asked her “Then how did you know they were gay? I say it so you’ll know. I’m not sneaking around trying to hide it like your hairdresser.”

In hour two it was Father James McQuarters saying that Christianity had lost the battle to Islam. Because of the “hayseed” image of southern Christians, like Terry Jones and his Koran burning, more and more “quality white men are leaving the Christian church and joining the Muslamics.”

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    Good unhinged Dannger bit! Ghost kid had me wretching I was laughing so hard. Phil, Bud and Robert at their chaotic best!
    Thanks Phil

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    My favorite was always Steve Bosell. Frivolous lawsuits, weird behavior, and closeted sexual fantasies of all kinds. How can you go wrong with that?

    I also like Rudy Canoza and his ridiculous Don Juan thing. But you can't bring him out too much because callers will catch on.

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    Ghost Kid!!! That one hurt me bad. That shit was just tooooo funny. Keep up the good work.


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    I think that the seemingly permanent banishment of Herb Sewell and Jim Sadler from this show is becoming more unfortunate by the day. Those are easily the two most distinctive characters Phil has ever created, and without them it just feels like Phil is recycling the same cast of characters week in and week out. Herb and Sadler mix it up in a way that lends the kind of unique variety to this show that distinguishes it from absolutely everything else on the air–I don't care who it is.

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    i think we need Mr Sewell to "babysit" Ms Spears children,,, ummmmmmmmmm think of the possibilities. im not going to sit back and "let you do the driving " on this one,, Im glad your back to doing "funny" but we need more "funny". how about Dr Sadlers thoughts on Obama care? a new "Herb Sewell Picnic adventure"??Father McQuarters new thoughts on how we can Heal the church with humor???.. Best lines??? thanks,, a loyal backseat driver,, Dr P in Yuba,,, Ps your fat bald and ugly,, kisses and hugs///

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    Bwahahaha, I damn near fell out of my chair during the "Ghost kid" bit.

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