Sunday, December 20, 2015. After being eliminated from the playoffs by Utah last week, the Lions (6-8) tangle at Duckworth Memorial with the league’s best team, the mighty Logs (12-2).

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  • Christian

    Marty Punches Jack on the December 21st 2015 show, last 8 minutes

  • Tony

    Who didn’t see Lufthansa eventually attacking Jack? Jack has been at odds since Marty was hired 3 years ago and did the interview with a headache while having to lay down and get his legs rubbed. Jack has seen and been through it all, you ain’t gonna surprise or shock him, these “johnny come lately” young punks oughta know this – and that includes Earl and Touch.

  • Avatar

    Another LIONS Masterpiece Phil. Action packed. My friend thought she was listening to a real game! The commercials are so genius that you should offer your skills to a “Ad Agency”. ///Please consider introducing a Bookie that hangs around and throws deadbeats from off the “Pigpen”, lurks around”Ted’s”,& the golf course with Margaret’s Frank(“she”could scare the crap outta Mr.Gray”).///Your world has brought some needed laughs to me. Thanks. BT

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